I have a bad habit of leaving my packing until the last possible moment and then struggling to cram as much of my things into a suitcase which is far too small. You’d think that after years of extensive travelling I’d have learned my lesson by now, but sadly – and embarrassingly – that’s not the case. Since I’m such a selfless person, who is only here to serve the greater good, I’ve tried my best to kick the habit and bring you some genuinely useful tips to help you get packed quickly and efficiently. 

What a saint I am. 

Make a List (And Stick to It!) 

I’m a real sucker for sitting down and making a really detailed list or plan, and then immediately abandoning it when it comes to putting it in action. My advice is – like in pretty much all areas of life – try not to be me! Think about everything that you need to take with you, chuck it on a list and try your darn-diddly-darndest to stick to it – that way you won’t be lugging around lots of things that you don’t even need. 

Roll Don’t Fold 

Just like every other source of packing advice out there, I’m a definite advocate for giving your clothes a good old roll-up rather than folding them. Sure, on the surface it might not seem like it’d make much of a difference, but you’d be surprised at just how much space you can save, and most importantly, how many more outfits you can fit in. 

Use Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes have become the go-to tool for successful packing. These handy compartments help to keep your suitcase nice and organised, as well as being a good way to keep your smelly worn clothes away from your fresh ones while you are in situ.  


While this might seem like it’s just an excuse for me to evangelise the use of packing cubes even more, believe me, it’s not – or at least not completely (I love them so much). Anyway, compartmentalising your suitcase is one of the best and sometimes only way to avoid the most dreaded of travelling accidents – the shampoo leak. Keeping your toiletries in a separate compartment – ideally bagged – will minimise the damage as well as making it easier to find your things. 

Contain, Contain, Contain 

One of my personal favourite things to do when I’m packing is to put all my different bits and bobs into themed containers. Putting my electronics and cables into a little box helps to stop them getting tangled and lets me find them easily when I need them. The same goes for the smaller things like hair bobbles, bobby pins and socks. It’s also a good idea to have a container for your shoes – especially YOUR shoes, you smelly old thing – so that you don’t dirty up the rest of your suitcase. 

So, there we go. A list that isn’t in any way an extreme example of hypocrisy from someone who has never once had an issue packing – not once…no siree. 

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