Despite what my formative years might have told me, there is more to beachside style than just wearing a loose one-piece filled with buildups of sand. In the spirit of education and to help those other poor souls, who like me, were not graced with a natural fashion sense and have to fight our natural instincts, I’m here with some of the best styles to help you look good on the beach. 

I’ve also given the headings beach themes because I couldn’t help myself. 

Beachy Braids 

Braids are perfect for the beach because they help you to keep your hair under control and away from the water unless you’re going for a dip. Braids are also impervious to those pesky gusts of wind that are all too common on beaches and seem like they’re only there to blow as much hair into your mouth as possible at the most inopportune times, like when you’re trying to strike up a conversation with an Italian lifeguard. 

Sandy Scarfs 

Just like with braids, lightweight scarfs are perfect for the beach because they help to keep your hair from blowing around wildly like a bush in a storm. Scarfs have the handy benefit of not actually being attached to your head (who knew), so you can easily take one off for a little splish-splash or when you want to really soak in those rays 

Krabby Kaftans 

The word of the day when it comes to beach outfits should be “flowy”. So, almost anything that sits on you loosely enough to allow for some air circulation to help avoid the dreaded “sealed in sweat” that the sun always seems to cause. Kaftans manage to take things even further by looking stylish and elegant, even if only five minutes earlier you had been inadvertently splashing around in the surf a few metres away from a drainage outlet. 

Wavey Wraps 

If kaftans just scream “constricting”, “too tight” and “not loose enough” at you, then you can always go for a lovely, lovely wrap. While they’re basically just jumped up sheets with a bit of holier than though attitude, there’s no denying that wraps are the quintessential beach outfit. Striking that difficult balance between covering up and only taking half a second to get dressed is difficult, but somehow wraps manage to do it.  

Even if you decide to go with another outfit, why not wear a wrap as well? Once again, just like with food, it has been scientifically proven that wraps make everything better. 

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