One of my favourite past-times between going off on holidays is to think about all the places that I want to go on holiday. It is honestly probably what I spend most of my time doing – exciting, I know. Anyway, after years of fantasising about different places that I’d love to visit, there are quite a few on my list that I still haven’t managed to visit because of cost and that pesky old restriction time.  

So, because dreams should never stay dreams, I’ve decided to share some of them with you in what might be called a form of pseudo-therapy. Awaaaaaay we go. 


While it might have become something of a stereotypical dream holiday destination, there is something about the allure of Japan that I just can’t get away from. It could be the stark differences between Australian and Japanese culture or the serene influences of Japanese architecture and landscapes, but whatever it is, it really hits me somewhere. 


The volcanic landscape of Iceland is equal parts bleak and beautiful. I feel like a trip to Iceland would have the same effect as a day in a spa – just with longer lasting effects! Iceland is far enough away from everywhere else and seems to have such a peaceful atmosphere and culture, that I couldn’t imagine coming back from a trip there feeling anything other than relaxed. 


Continuing on this list of places that I dream of visiting but might not exactly be on everyone else’s list is Canada. A combination of the stunning scenery and the welcoming people of Canada seems to beckon to me from across the planet, and I’m telling you now that it is getting harder and harder to resist that pull! The proximity to the US is obviously another incentive for me to take a long trip to Canada so that I can hop over the border and say hello. 

New Zealand 

I might be the only person in Australia that has travelled internationally but still not found the time to visit our closest neighbours. I’m a national shame I know. Despite never taking the time to pay a visit to the Kiwis, New Zealand is still high on my list of countries that I’d like to visit. I’m not sure if you can tell from this list, but I seem to like the idea of visiting quiet countries with friendly people and stunning landscapes. New Zealand definitely has more than enough of each. 

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